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How to install popcorn time on iPhone

When you want to watch video streaming iPhone and iPad, there will have a lot of limitations because users cannot download any media sources from their favorite sources. You are overcoming this issue. Most of the developers developed a lot of apps for video streaming. At last, the Popcorn Time app becomes more popular among iOS users because it allows you to watch favorite movies, TV shows online for free. So, you don't want to download media files to your device. In short, it also likes Netflix. Popcorn Time stream videos by the help of torrents sites.

Jailbreak require to install Popcorn time. 

To install Popcorn time app to your iOS devices, It doesn’t require to jailbreak their iOS device. You can download and install it by using the Popcorn Time iOS installer. If you are already jailbroken, there are no issues about it; you can install it to your iOS device. In this article guide you to how to install Popcorn time on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

How to install Popcorn Time on iPhone and iPad Without Jailbreak

Follow this easy guide to install Popcorn Time on iPhone and iPad.
Step 1: launch safari web browser and go to this link
Step 2: Click on Popcorn Time iOS installer and install it your iOS device.
Step 3: Follow installation instruction until the installation finishes. After that, you can see the app icon on the homepage. Now start using the Popcorn Time app.
From few years, Popcorn Time app provides a great service for users because this is the best app for online video streaming. Some time due to copyright issues, Popcorn Time app faced a lot of issues. But still, it online without any issues. When you faced any issues while installing this, you can leave a comment for the help.


Best Cydia Sources for Cydia App

After the jailbroken your device, you will have a new app called Cydia. By using this app, you can install new apps and tweaks to your iOS device. Cydia gets the list of these tweak form many of sources you can add a source. Therefore it gives a lot of tweaks to your iOS device.

When you add new Best Cydia sources to your Cydia app, it loads many tweaks and app which available in Cydia source. If you are new to jailbreak, you don't have any idea about what are these Cydia sources and how helps it get free apps and games to your iPhone.
In brief, after you jailbreak your device, you need to add Cydia repos to your Cydia app. It's just like apps package; each Cydia sources has different type apps. Games and tweak to cydia download.
In this article we would like to share that, what are the best Cydia app which you can add to your iOS device.

FilippoBiga Repo •
ZodTTD •
Zodttd & MacCiti • (Themes, emulators, ringtones and more)
xSellize •
SiNfuL iPhone •
Hack& •
iClarified •
Vwallpapers •
AppleNewsFR •
Above top Cydia source helps you to get many more free apps, games, tweaks theme and wallpapers for free. Hope you can get very favorite paid apps free to your iOS device. If there are new Cydia tweak, just let us know.
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